Jill Ozovek, The Career Passport

Working with Samantha has been really really beneficial and a godsend for my business - and me personally. As a founder wearing many hats, I don't often have the bandwidth to take on all aspects of the business, and in the case of social media and marketing, I don't have the experience or expertise. So when Samantha came along, she took over a TON of the idea generation, she keeps tabs on opportunities in the press that would make sense for my messaging and she crafts really engaging social media campaigns. Since we laid out our new strategy, our followers have grown 23.7% (in the span of 2 months) and average engagement on posts is 9.6%, which is really exciting in the crowded social media landscape!


Julie Solomon, Branding & Marketing Strategist,  

Founder of The Influencer Podcast

I worked with Samantha for a little over a year during the time that my business was evolving and growing. While on my team Samantha wore many different hats and handled anything that came her way with a smile! She was a joy to work with. I knew I could trust her to represent my brand to students, clients and colleagues!  She treated my business as if it were her own and threw herself into her role with gusto!  She is knowledgeable, passionate and dedicated to her clients. I definitely recommend her for anyone that's looking to have someone who is highly skilled, trustworthy and committed by their side! 

*Position booked through Priority VA


Emily Field, RD

At first it was scary to make the decision to hire someone in my small business!  Samantha quickly felt like an extension of myself in my business. She helped me with everything behind the scenes - from client management to content creation which gave me the space and room to be present in a lot of other areas of my professional life and my personal life. I highly recommend Samantha to my peers in the online business space.


Stacey Nachajski, Great Brook Media

Working with Samantha has changed my businessShe’s fast and knowledgable in all things digital. if she hasn’t used a tool before, she’s willing to learn (and she learns quickly!) I’ve really enjoyed getting to know her, and she has become an invaluable member of my team! 


Jessica Rodriguez, Business + Visibility Strategist

Her attention to detail, willingness to go the extra mile and dedication to her clients is like nothing I’ve seen in the online space. Samantha is an absolute dream to have by your side!


Katie Proctor, MBA, RDN, Business and Brand Marketing Strategist

I worked with Samantha for more than a year and she regularly brought new and creative ideas to the table! 



Dr. Ellen Morello, Physical Therapist & Certified Women's Empowerment Coach

Samantha is incredibly conscientious and does high quality work! She knows the back end systems required to set up and integrate an online business. She communicates professionally, asks questions to clarify project directions, and manages her time well. She is able to turn projects over quickly and efficiently. I trust my business is in good hands with Samantha!