I offer a variety of services to help you build brand awareness, generate buzz, create a thriving community of engaged fans and nurture and convert leads.

Since not all businesses are the same and don't have the same needs, I don't have one size fits all packages. You can see a list of the services that I offer below. I'm happy to create a custom package based on your unique business and your unique needs. If you're interested in learning more about what I can do for you, I'm happy to hop on a call to discuss how I can best serve you.

Services Include: 

  • Setup / Audit of Social Media Accounts

  • Social Media Strategy

  • Community Building + Engagement

  • Content Creation / Curation

  • Copywriting

  • Graphic Design & Content Creation

  • Influencer + Media outreach

  • Facebook / Instagram Advertising

  • Content Posting

  • Video Creation / Editing

  • Sales Funnel Strategy / Email Marketing

  • Social media digital marketing consulting

  • Public Relations

  • Event planning


Social Media Consulting 

If you're an entrepreneur or small business that wants to learn how to take control of your social media in a way that increases brand awareness, engages your audience and ultimately grows your income. This is for people who prefer a “do it yourself”  approach, or need to train a team member or employee to manage your social media. I'll customize sessions to your specific business and your specific goals. I also offer online or in person Social Media Workshops. You hold the reins, I'll show you the way. 

Please contact me for more details and pricing information.